The Wax Shop Auto Detailing Service Areas

Auto Detailing

Our exterior and interior detailing service is more than just the vacuuming and wet rag job that passes for a detailing in other garages.

Auto Glass And Headlight Restoration

If your vehicle has suffered any type of auto-glass or headlight crack, scrape or chip then you need to contact The Wax Shop Auto Detailing right away.

Car Paint

On top of the unique custom options that we offer, we also provide candy paint, metal flake, tri-stage paint and flat paint as standard.

Custom Auto Parts

Our service also extends to motorcycle and truck parts so irrespective of the vehicle you are driving you have no reason not to invest in The Wax Shop Auto Detailing.

Custom Builds Detailing

Our detailed and affordable process ensures that no matter your idea or budget, we will be able to work with you to create the dream car you have always wanted.

Decals And Graphics

By enhancing the visual qualities with custom-built decals and graphics, The Wax Shop Auto Detailing has helped ensure that our customers stand out from the crowd.

Engine Cleaning

The reality is that an engine that is cleaned regularly and maintained to the correct standards is much more likely to operate at a higher level than one that isn’t.

Motorcycle Detailing

Whether you are selling your bike or simply want it looking its absolute best, a premium motorcycle detailing service from The Wax Shop Auto Detailing is the only way to go.

Paintless Dent Repair

Unlike regular dent repair that can often require extensive remodeling and panel beating, paint-less dent repair requires a much more subtle approach.

Window Tinting

At The Wax Shop Auto Detailing we offer tinted windows with unrivalled installation, affordable prices and a lifetime warranty.