Airdrie’s Auto Detailing Experts

Some garages would have you believe that auto detailing is just another of way of saying car wash. The reality is that this point of view couldn’t be further from the truth. An auto detailing from The Wax Shop Auto Detailing will not just clean your car but it will have looking as good as the day you bought it. In fact, some of our Airdrie drivers have been so impressed with our service that they suggested it looked even better!

So whether you are a classic car enthusiast or merely a regular Airdrie motorist like the rest of us, our auto detailing service can help. Airdrie motorists have used our detailing service for everything from preparation for a vintage car show to making sure their vehicle looks its best before a sale.

As with all the services that we offer at The Wax Shop Auto Detailing you can rest assured knowing that when you invest in our service you won’t be left disappointed. Call today for a non-committal consultation or to schedule a time for our award-winning service.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners with Auto Detailing

At The Wax Shop Auto Detailing we fully understand that buying and maintaining a car isn’t cheap. First of all there is tax, insurance and gas, as well as annual check-ups. You may also be hit with a new set of tires or engine repairs service every couple of years. All this adds up, and we get that. These costs mean that there may be a tendency among certain motorists to neglect or overlook a regular auto detailing service. After all, this is purely for esthetic purposes right? Wrong.

One of the biggest misconceptions about auto detailing is that it is only focused on making your car look better. The fact of the matter is that auto detailing can also include a range of additional benefits that go far beyond how good your vehicle looks. They include:

Exterior Benefits: Whether we care to admit it or not, the first thing that people notice about our car is its exterior. A detailed auto detailing from The Wax Shop Auto Detailing is much more than a wash or a customization with the application of decals and graphics. It is a process that is far more thorough and will have your car looking its very best. Years of driving and related wear and tear can cause a vehicle to lose its gloss. Our detailers will ensure that any dirt, grease or rust is removed. What’s more, they will also ensure that the necessary changes are made to the windows, tires, rims and paint work of the car so that it is at its optimal level.

Interior Benefits: Much overlooked in the auto detailing service is the interior work that takes place. After all, you should never judge a book by its cover, right? This involves a deep-clean that includes industrial-level vacuuming followed by intense dirt removal using industry-specific materials that can be alternated for any type of surface including vinyl, leather or plastic.